I've been searching for meaning behind my unique personality characteristics… Especially, the traits that have gotten me “in trouble” in the past. Why am I sometimes “too” outspoken – the person that says what everyone is thinking. Sometimes I seem intense or “in my head” and my delivery isn't as gentle as I'd like it to be. One of my friends often teases me that I'm as authoritative about a Chipotle burrito as I am about wearing sunscreen.

So “BOLD GREATNESS” came about because I wanted a way to describe my uniqueness. I became tired of trying to change my personality intensifiers and decided that it was time to figure out ways to use those characteristics to help others.

BOLD GREATNESS  became the phrase that I created to help people tap into their true gifts, core strengths, and life passions.

What if you could align your BOLD GREATNESS with your “why” your “what” statements. Why do you get out of bed in the morning. What drives you to serve others. Do you use your BOLD GREATNESS in your career or are you out of alignment?

For instance, my core strengths (aka My BOLD GREATNESS) are sharing my business and marketing expertise, coaching and consulting with passion, and helping others succeed in their business.

Your true gifts or BOLD GREATNESS may be quiet perception, writing stories, and painting. Or it may be math and physics. Once you've aligned your true gifts and passion with your work, you're in your life's purpose, you're free to create the purposeful, BOLD work you're meant to do.


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