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It’s Time to Get This Party Started

Here’s the reality – you’re a super busy, established entrepreneur!
You’re already spending too much time in the behind-the-scenes systems, spinning your wheels.

The thought of spending more time and mental energy to set-up new systems or enhance existing ones (even if it saves you loads of time and money in the long-run) makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit. #amiright

Wouldn’t it be easier to have it handled for you?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have that weight taken off your shoulders?

Done-for-You Systems In-A-Day Implementation (YEAH!)

When you book a Systems In-A-Day working session, you get my brain (and fast-typing fingers) on your business systems for a 5-hour block of time.

Why will you love this service? Because it’s FAST and AFFORDABLE.

There’s no long-term commitment. No big project commitment.

Like the song says, “It’s just you and me, babe… For 5-hours working on your systems.”

You just hire me for a Systems In-A-Day session when you need me… Easy-peasy!

What We’ll Do…

First of all, we’ll plan ahead to determine the systems that we’ll focus on in our session.

We will also talk about the strategic goals of your business so that I can help you make the best systems decisions for the long-term growth of your business.

Got leads and missed opportunities slipping through the cracks?
No problem – we’ll create a prospect pipeline and client management system so you stop leaving money on the table.

Need to hash out the process for your next launch, podcast production or other big project?
You’re speakin’ my language. We’ll put together a systematic (yet simple) way to for you to make your next big thing, your next BIG THING!

Don’t have a streamlined way of having prospects fill out forms?
I’m on it – we’ll build forms and questionnaires needed to get the right information at the right stage of their journey. Imagine how smart you’re gonna look!

Still going back-n-forth in email to schedule meetings with clients?
That stops today. We’ll set-up your online scheduling system and get boundaries created around your time so you gain back precious freedom.

Getting paid and collecting money making you look like amateur-hour?
We’ll dial-in your payment processes so that you look and feel like a confident badass that people are lining up to pay!

Want to cut loose of all the manual “busy-work” and automate some processes?
I was hoping you’d say YES!  We’ll create some simple, powerful automated processes that give you back hours every week.

Systems In-A-Day Investment: $1095

Here’s What Else You Get

  • 30 days of Voxer messaging so that you get quick support when you need it
  • 30 days of short-bite-sized training videos created based on your requests to eliminate any areas where you may get stuck or feel frustrated
  • Access to Stress-Free Scheduling with Acuity self-paced course because online scheduling can save you tons of time and headaches

These are some of my favorite tools that run the systems that support your success

  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Asana
  • Zoho Forms
  • ThriveCart
  • Wave for Bookkeeping
  • Active Campaign
  • Zapier
  • MemberVault
  • Teachable
  • Any existing, integrated tools can also be used

Who’s This Right For…

  • Established Entrepreneurs that need assistance and a focused block of time to enhance or clean-up existing systems and processes
  • Mid-Stage Entrepreneurs that aren’t ready to bring on a Project or Business Manager but need support
  • Brand new Entrepreneurs who need a jump-start to set-up the backend systems that will run their business

Systems In-A-Day is the perfect way to begin Business Coaching On-Demand Business Coaching On-Demand or kick-off our Project & Business Management relationship.

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