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I Love a Great Conversation!

Are you looking for a passionate, dynamic speaker or presenter for your podcast, virtual summit or mastermind masterclass training?

As a veteran entrepreneur and Small Business Systems Mentor, my mission is to help service-based Entrepreneurs that are ready to for growth (but their business may not be) create simple, efficient systems and strategies that will allow them to grow long-term. They feel more confident and are able to make more money, save more time and have the freedom to serve more clients.

If one of podcast or masterclass topics sounds like a great fit for your audience I’d love to have a virtual coffee and chat about the opportunity!

Podcast Topics


Whether you call it “anxiety,” “overwhelm,” “frustration,” or “worry,” the stressors on Entrepreneurs in today’s online world is a real problem for many. We’ll talk about how to see the signs of overwhelm, and grow your business by narrowing your focus, creating mini-systems in your business, and changing the conversation in your head so that you can achieve the growth you want.

This topic is great for:

  • Entrepreneurs that are in a growth state and may be struggling to level-up
  • Entrepreneurs that have fallen victim to a “hustle till you drop” mentality
  • Solopreneurs that have been “going it alone” and need support


It’s easy to focus our attention on the areas of our business where we have the most expertise, and that we feel the most passionate about. And we tend to avoid the areas of our business that are the most challenging for us to manage. For many entrepreneurs, this means avoiding putting the systems in place that will help their business grow. It’s time to stop letting systems wreck your sanity!

In this conversation will talk about the 4 Simple Systems that every entrepreneur needs in order to keep their sanity and grow their business long-term. I’ll share simple ways that each of these systems, along with the right tools, can be set up and implemented even if you’re just starting out.

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