Business Coaching & Systems Mentoring for New & Growing Entrepreneurs

STOP THE STRUGGLE! Strategic Business Coaching & Simple Systems Training You Need to Easily Run Your Business. (Even if you're scared to death of systems and tech.)


What would happen you had a roadmap and a guide to hold your hand through the process of setting up the behind-the-scenes systems needed to run a successful business?


Tell me if you can relate...

You're a rockstar in your niche. You love working with your clients and know you're the expert they need! You have big goals and even bigger dreams!  

There's just one little problem...  

You have no idea how to get your business off the ground. You don't know what systems you need or which strategies to implement.

Basically, you're awesome working "in" your business, but not so awesome working "on" your business. 

In my 20+ years of experience building my own businesses and coaching other service-based entrepreneurs to build their success, I've realized 3 BIG MYTHS and misconceptions that most new entrepreneurs believe about setting up systems and running their business:

You believe it's not necessary to setup your business systems until you have clients.

In reality, most new entrepreneurs that put off setting-up their basic business systems are in danger of looking like an amateur to their clients and losing sales.

You believe that hiring a virtual assistant will solve your business systems problems.

 In reality, most entrepreneurs that hire a V.A. before they have their systems in place, end up wasting money, cutting the V.A. loose, and not being any farther along in their business.

You believe it will to be too time consuming, complicated or difficult to handle.

In reality, once your systems are setup and running, you'll be saving a ton of time and energy.

There are simple tools and automations that can make you a pro at running you business.

But you're not going to let myths and misconceptions stop you from achieving your big goals and dreams, right?

Your dream of having a money-making, freedom-producing business that you love is not that far off. (And it's not nearly as hard to build or as scary as you think it will be.)

I'll teach you how to run your business like a confident badass so that you can stop banging your head against the desk.

Now imagine this:

  • Going to bed every night feeling relaxed and accomplished because your head isn't full of worry or dread
  • Waking up excited to serve your clients instead of feeling anxious about what you may be forgetting that will make you look inexperienced
  • Knowing that you're running your business like a business (and not like a hobby)

"Wendy helped me create and launch two successful online health coaching programs in under three months."

"From the software to use, to pricing the programs and marketing the launch, to all the small details that most people don’t even think of, Wendy has helped me build this dream into a beautiful business that I'm incredibly proud of.

Since I began working with Wendy, I'm more centered in my purpose and clearer on my vision than I ever have in my entire life. She helped me create and launch two successful online health coaching programs in under three months."


If you're ready to build the business you've been dreaming of, I'm inviting to my simple systems training program for New & Mid-Stage Entrepreneurs.

SYSTEMS SANITY is a private, hands-on training and coaching program that hlps you stop the struggle, and get started setting up simple, strategic systems and processes you need to get your business off the ground or to that next level of success.


I've designed this program to give you a quick-start to building the behind-the-scenes systems and strategies you need t successfully run your business.

You'll quickly realize that you don't need to be "scared of the tech" and will get a grip on the the overwhelm and anxiety that you're feeling.

And most of all, you'll realize that you're not "bad at systems or tech," instead you just needed to find systems that work for you!

This brings you the growth you need, the money you want, and the confidence you deserve!

“Wendy helped me to completely transform my business systems in less than a week! " 

"Wendy is a GENIUS with helping service-based coaches setup the business systems needed to launch or expand your coaching program.

With Wendy's mentoring, I implemented an entire system to invite prospects to my private coaching program, schedule interviews, and receive payment easily. I had a full private roster in just two months. She knows exactly how to support entrepreneurs with choosing the right strategies and systems to create simplicity that looks professional.”


What we cover...

  • Strategic Business Mentoring and Support that will help you think "big picture" about your growth goals, marketing strategy and "run of business" management  
  • Prospect Tracking & Client Management processes so that you can keep track of every potential client that comes into your pipeline and keep information organized and secure so you have easy access whenever you need it  
  • Online Scheduling management so that you stop going back-n-forth in email, stop overbooking yourself or forget meetings, and create boundaries around your schedule so that you can be more efficient with your time  
  • Creating simple forms and contracts so that onboarding new clients is automated for you and painless for them  
  • Workflow Creation and Task Management that simplify your work so you spend more time working on growing your business and less time in the weeds  
  • Recurring Payments, Invoicing & Digital Sales so that you get paid easily and seamlessly  
  • Tying Your Systems Together with Automation to increase your efficiency by eliminating manual work that bogs you down
  • Each business coaching session will be 45-60 minutes over Zoom and you'll receive a recording
  • Communication between training sessions via FB Messenger, Voxer or email so that you're always moving forward with support
  • Weekly follow-ups to keep you on track
  • As a bonus, you'll also receive Stress-Free Scheduling with Acuity, a self-paced course created to support your Acuity Scheduling use, and access to the Systems Sanity Tutorial Library for Clients 


  • You're starting your business and want to build for long-term success but aren't sure where to start or how you'll have time to do it all.  
  • You're an expert in your niche, but you weren't taught how to run a proper business, and it feels unnatural and scary.  
  •  You're missing opportunities to serve more clients because you don't have the structure in place to support growth
  • You've finished your coaching program, but it didn't teach you anything about the behind-the-scenes of running a business.  
  • You've been pulling your hair out because every friend on FB is telling you which tool to try, but you're not sure how to choose the one that is best for you.  
  • You're scared of failing but even more scared of starting because you don't have the right systems or support in place.


  • You're not ready to make a financial investment in your strategic business growth.
  • Your business is a "side hobby" and you're not really sure that you want to commit to it.
  • You've been in business for a couple of years and are realizing that you're a bottleneck in your own business, slowing your own growth with your team. You need my Integrator & Business Management Services where we dive deeper into scalability and clearing bottlenecks in your business.
  • You're looking for a silver bullet money-maker and you're not really interested in helping others.
  • You don't believe that systems don't require strategic thinking and that your "techie friend next door" can help you, or you can just hire a virtual assistant to help you wade through it and figure it all out.


Will this help me if I haven't started with client yet? Absolutely. It's best to have your systems in place so you can confidently focus on attracting clients!

What if I already have a successful business, but I'm ready for growth? This program is designed for new entrepreneurs that need a quick-start, kick-start way to get the basic busness systems setup and running.

If you're running a successful business and have been in business for a few years already, please reach out to learn about my invitation-only private business coaching for growing entrepreneurs.

I understand that I need systems but why shouldn't I just ask my techie-friend to help me? Why should I pay you? I love this question and I see people trying this ALOT! While your techie friend, neighbor or young neice/nephew may have some great skills, BUT THEY DO NOT have the strategic business management experience to understand how ALL THE PIECES WORK TOGETHER. Choosing, setting up and implementing the right systems for the best outcomes AND as simple as possible takes a strategic understanding that comes with trial and error, and years of testing various systems and tools.

"Wendy is amazing at listening and putting together a systems that will help your business excel!

She has out-of-the-box solutions for business growth and savvy ways to draw in ideal clients. She takes the time needed and is super considerate in getting to know how your business is running now and what your vision is for the future.  

Bottom line, you get business solutions, great ways to attract your ideal clients to build your business, and Wendy’s passion and commitment to You during that time."


Your Next Step...

Fill out the form & book your Free Intro Call

During your Intro call, we'll spend about 30-40 minutes chat about your current systems & strategies, and we'll get to know each other a bit.

Before we wrap up, we'll talk about continuing your Systems & Strategies mentoring and training.

Commit to Investing in Your Business Growth

After your Intro Call, you'll receive a follow-up email from me, and we choose to work together!

I'll send you a contract and invoice. Once you setup payment, I'll pop you a scheduling link to book your next mentoring call!

 Dive into Building Your Business & Your Success  

We'll meet weekly to design and implement the systems and strategies that will efficiently grow your business.

You'll receive weekly action items to keep you and your team (if you have one) on track and moving forward!

Entrepreneurs just like you tell me repeatedly that if they just had a roadmap and someone to guide them through what to do and when to do it, they’d feel so relieved. I totally get it!

I'm Wendy Breakstone - people call me the "Systems Magician" and the "Hermione Granger of Business Systems." 

My eyes light-up when I talk about business strategy, systems, and workflows that help entrepreneurs simplify managing their business and become more successful!

 My diverse, 20+ experience of experience in small business management and online marketing has allowed me to work with with best-selling authors and celebrity entrepreneurs, build several of my own 6-figure businesses, and work for tech giants like GotoMeeting.  

 Today, I continue to follow my passion for coaching, training and supporting entrepreneurs that need to discover a bit of "systems magic" in their own businesses.  

When I'm not training new entrepreneurs on the magic of systems, supporting established entrepreneurs to hit that next level of growth, or mentoring virtual assistants to strengthen their own systems and tech skills, you can find me hosting my podcast, The Build Success Project, which is dedicated to uncovering what business trends are really working for today's growing entrepreneurs and what BS you need to watch out for.


I see you... Overwhelmed, frustruated and getting in the way of your own success!

But you can build a scalable business with the systems and strategies that work for your growth! And best of all... It doesn't need to feel like rocket science.

(These are my big girl socks.)

Just imagine the kind of growth you'd enjoy if your business was actually setup for the success that you know you're ready for.

Imagine making MORE money, and spending MORE time doing the work you love, and spending less time being the bottleneck in your business.

Sounds pretty damn good, right? (Yeah, it does.) And with my brain on your business, we'll get you there.