Rookie Mistake That Kills Client Confidence

I know what you're thinking… I'm over-dramatizing whatever this mistake is that I'm about to share with you. Well, I'M NOT – this is super important to your success, so please listen up!

I'm all about helping you get a grip on the behind-the-scenes of your business so you can focus on serving your clients with BOLD GREATNESS.

So many coaches and service-based pros procrastinate around (or completely avoid) this area of their business because they don't think its “fun enough.” Or they think it will be too damn complicated and OVER-TECHY.

I'm the first person to run from “complicated” because I know that effective small business management doesn't have to be hard work. And that is why I want to help you break down the mental barriers you've created around managing the “behind-the-scenes” of your business.


Scheduling Meetings & Appointments With Your Clients

There is no greater buzzkill for a client than to have their coach or new service provider seem wishy-washy with their schedule.

Examples of wishy-washy scheduling:
· Countless back-and-forth emails with client just to schedule one appointment
· Saying to a client, “My calendar is wide open, whatever works for you…”
· Moving around appointment times because you double-booked yourself
· Not maintaining clear time boundaries about arriving late or running over in a client meeting

All of these examples scream, “I don’t have my sh*t together!”

And that is obviously NOT the impression you want to give clients.
After all, confident clients are happy clients.

If they feel taken care of and trusting of you, they are 10x more likely to tell friends about your service. And, at the end of the day, word-of-mouth marketing is still the best value.

There are a couple of SUPER SIMPLE steps that you can take to get a grip on wishy-washy scheduling.

The simplest step forward is to check-in with your calendar twice EVERY DAY (even the weekends).

  • Start your day by looking at your calendar and end your workday by looking at your next day's schedule.
  • Make sure that you are viewing your business and personal commitments on one centralized calendar so that you have a holistic view of your day
  • Color-code your calendar by type of commitment
  • Schedule in time to walk the dog, take a coffee break, pickup your kids AND especially put all client meetings on your calendar

This will not only reduce errors, but it will ensure that you can confidently offer a meeting time and know you're not double-booking yourself.

Keeping a well-structured calendar will also communicate that you’re available… but not TOO available.

After all, it’s important for the client to understand and FEEL that your time is valuable and in demand. They have (likely) invested money into your services or program, and subconsciously want to know that you’re in demand. (It’s one of those Yoda mind tricks that we can’t always make sense of, but works every time.)

Through these simple shifts in your time management routine, you can trigger a wave of positive momentum in your business, not to mention free up your headspace to focus on more important tasks to, most importantly, focus on your BOLD GREATNESS.

Cheers to your success,


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