Integrator & Business Management Services for Established Entrepreneurs

Integrator & Project Management Services For Established, Visionary Entrepreneurs 

Important Question: Are spending too much time working behind-the-scenes when you should be focused on sales, marketing and client success? 

Imagine the amount of growth your business would experience if you had an Integrator keeping your projects, team and internal systems running smoothly.


You're an established entrepreneur and the visionary of your business. You have big dreams and great ideas to continue to build on the momentum of your success.

But you have one big problem... YOU ARE MAXED OUT.

You're stuck in the backend of your business, do all-the-things, managing all the people, overseeing all the projects... 

But what you really want to be doing is looking forward and building the future of your business.

You need a "right-hand woman" to bounce ideas off of, plan with, and manage the behind-the-scenes.  


I'm an Integrator & Project Management Expert that works with established entrepreneurs and their teams to build their success.

I help you step out of the minutia of running of your business, and step into the Visionary-CEO role so that you can focus your attention forward on the external factors that will bring you exponential growth.

I help you strategize and plan your quarterly goals and keep everything (including you) on track. Basically, I keep all the arrows pointing forward so that you can keep moving forward!


Your business flourishes.

Your team is happier and well-managed.

Road blocks and bottlenecks are removed from the day-to-day processes.

You're focusing your attention in your zone of genius and the external forces that will help grow your business.

You're able to generate more income because you aren't wasting with ideas that aren't going anywhere.

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“Wendy helped me to completely transform my business systems in less than a week! " 

"Wendy Breakstone is a GENIUS with helping entrepreneurs setup the business systems needed to launch or expand your coaching program.

With Wendy's mentoring, I implemented an entire system to invite prospects to my private coaching program, schedule interviews, and receive payment easily. I had a full private roster in just two months. She knows exactly how to support entrepreneurs with choosing the right strategies and systems to create simplicity that looks professional.”


In my 20+ years as a business manager, project manager, and entrepreneur I've seen too many visionary entrepreneurs that seemingly "have it all" crash-&-burn because they don't have the proper structure in place to support big growth.  

And I've uncovered 3 MISCONCEPTIONS that I see too many established entrepreneurs believing, ultimately causing them limited growth and success.

"Nobody can possibly do this work as good as me." Just because you can do it all, doesn't mean you should do it all. If you really want to take your business to that next-level growth, you need a "Second-In-Command" who takes the burden off your shoulders.

"I'll hire a virtual assistant to solve my problems." People often confuse an "integrator" with an "implementer." Virtual assistants are a powerful asset to have on your team. But work needs to be delgated for them to "implement." In essence, a V.A. can be your get-shit-done person, but they often don't have the experience as a leader/manager or business owner to be at the business manager/operations manager.

"I can't afford the expense. I'll just work more and eventually it'll get easier." Sorry, but I'm calling BS on that. Taking your business to that next level growth demands investment. If you spend too much time outside your zone of genius - outside of being the CEO and visionary of your business, you will burn out. It doesn't get easier unless you set up the right systems and people to help you make it easier.

Did any of these sound like you?

Now imagine for a minute:

  • Going to bed every night feeling relaxed and accomplished because your head isn't full of all the things you didn't complete or forgot about
  • Waking up invigorated with new ideas and ways to serve your clients
  • Knowing that your business is running "like a business" and you're not the bottleneck slowing growth

If you're ready to stop banging your head against the desk and finally get the support you need, I'm inviting you to learn about my private services:

I shift the weight of managing your team and projects off your shoulders.


This service is designed around your business needs as the CEO, your current team's management needs, and your growth goals for the next 12-24 months.

I collaborate with you, then work directly with your team so that your vision and goals become reality.

This brings you the growth you want, the money you desire, and the freedom you've been working so hard for.

And most of all, you get the PEACE OF MIND you need to fully step into your Visionary/CEO role.  

"Wendy helped me create and launch two successful online health coaching programs in under three months."

"From the software to use, to pricing the programs and marketing the launch, to all the small details that most people don’t even think of, Wendy has helped me build this dream into a beautiful business that I'm incredibly proud of.

Since I began working with Wendy, I'm centered in my purpose and clearer on my vision than I ever have been. She helped me create and launch two successful online health coaching programs in under three months."


How I Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

  • Increase productivity of the behind-the-scenes management of your business by auditing your existing systems and processes to determine where enhancements can be made  
  • Create boundaries around your schedule and calendar so that your business hours are maximized, you're more efficient with your time  
  •  Remove bottlenecks between you and your virtual team and make sure that you have the right people in the right roles  
  • Increase your team's efficiency with proper task management processes  
  • Strategize with you so that you have a strategic collaborator you can run ideas past and help you with future planning and growth  
  • Free-up your time by optimizing and managing team meetings and cross-team communications  
  • Support your marketing, content and product launches with project management (i.e. podcast production, lead magnets, etc.)

This is Right For You If:

  • Your business is already established and profitable, but you've plateaued on growth and know you need help  
  • You've had exponential growth and are having trouble keeping up with demand  
  • You're a born Visionary and need the support of a strong Integrator to help you fulfill your vision  
  • You realize that you're a bottleneck in your team's productivity and know you need help to "un-bottleneck" the issues  
  • You already have a virtual assistant and other virtual team members that you're spending too much time managing everyday  
  • Your family, friends and partner or spouse are annoyed with you because you're "always working"  
  • You're ready for some of the freedom that you dreamed of when you became entrepreneur

This Service NOT Right for You If:

  • You're not prepared to make an investment in your strategic business growth.
  • You're not make a consistent 6-figures+ in your business annually
  • You're just starting out in your business and are not at consistent 5-figure months (you need my Simple Systems Training for New Entrepreneurs)
  • You don't want to relinquish any control of the backend of your business (you'll just keep doing it all and hoping for the best)
  • You don't believe that systems require strategic thinking 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Integrator? An Integrator, is a project manager that focuses on managing and running the internal systems, processes, and people within your business. An Integrator is NOT a V.A., copywriter or graphic designer. (In the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, they define as "An Integrator is a person who has the Unique Ability to harmoniously integrate the major functions of the business, run the organization, an manage the day-to-day issues that arise.")  
  •  Do you work for my business full-time or as an employee? No. I work for your business a specified number of hours per month (we start at approximately 12 hours per month).  
  •  What if I have a virtual assistant... Do I still need an Integrator? The short answer is YES. While a V.A. is a huge asset, they are an "implementor" that still needs to be managed. They take direction from an Integrator or the leader.  
  • What if I'm not ready to hire an Integrator but need help with systems? If you're still a one-person show but need to setup the behind-the-scenes of your business, my private simple systems training program for New Entrepreneurs is a better fit for you.

"Wendy is amazing at listening to your needs and putting together a systems that will help your business excel!

She has out-of-the-box solutions for business growth and savvy ways to draw in ideal clients. She takes the time needed and is super considerate in getting to know how your business is running now and what your vision is for the future.  

Bottom line, you get business solutions, great ways to attract your ideal clients to build your business, and Wendy’s passion and commitment to You during that time."


Entrepreneurs just like you tell me that if they just had a reliable "second-in-command" they could step-up into the Visionary CEO role, and fully realize the growth that their business deserves while experiencing the freedom they deserve.

I'm Wendy Breakstone - people call me a "Systems Magician" or the "Hermione Granger of Business Systems."

My eyes light-up when I talk about systems and workflows that help entrepreneurs simplify managing their business and become more successful!  

My diverse, 20+ experience of experience in small business management and online marketing has allowed me to work with with best-selling authors and celebrity entrepreneurs, build several of my own 6-figure businesses, and work for tech giants like GotoMeeting.

Today, I continue to follow my passion for coaching, training and supporting entrepreneurs that need to discover a bit of "systems magic" in their own businesses. 

When I'm not training new entrepreneurs on the magic of systems or supporting established entrepreneurs to hit that next level of growth, you can find me hosting my podcast, The Build Success Project, which is dedicated to uncovering what business trends are really working for today's growing entrepreneurs and what BS you need to watch out for.

"Wendy is the 'Hermione Granger' of business systems." 

How We Work Together

Imagine making MORE money, and spending MORE time doing the work you actully love, and spending less time being the bottleneck in your business.  

Sounds pretty damn good, right? (Yeah, it does.) And with my brain on your business, we'll get you there. 

It's not rocket science (even though sometimes it might feel that way). It's just time to get out of your own way and build your success.

STEP #1: Book your Free Intro Call (You'll feel immediate relief to be taking action!)

STEP #2: Decide to make the investment in gaining your freedom back AND focus on the work in your business that you truly love doing 

STEP #3: We get started clearing the path to your bigger success!  

Together we'll make you more money, save you more time, and give your the peace of mind and freedom you've been craving!