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Is Dubsado the Holy Grail?

Over the past year, I've tried a number of different CRMs (contact relationship management), small business management tools and software made for entrepreneurs. As an “OCD software tester”, I obsess over trying several software options before I settle on one that is going to be best for my service-based business. So when I decided that it was time for

Rookie Mistake That Kills Client Confidence

I know what you're thinking... I'm over-dramatizing whatever this mistake is that I'm about to share with you. Well, I'M NOT - this is super important to your success, so please listen up!I'm all about helping you get a grip on the behind-the-scenes of your business so you can focus on serving your clients with BOLD GREATNESS.So many coaches and

How To Prepare For Pre-Client Interviews

You know that feeling you get when you're ready to hop on a pre-client interview call? Do you feel nervous or excited? Do you sometimes worry that you might come off too strong? Do you get the "excitement jitters" before a pre-client call like me? Maybe this has happened to you: You hang up and immediately feel like you

Productivity Hack – Save Yourself Hours with Voice Transcription

Do you ever sit down at your computer - fingers on the keyboard - and nothing happens? This happens to me more than I care to admit. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never really been into blogging. About a month ago I started a big project that entails quite a bit of writing. I was having a hard