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Background Highlights:

  • I studied Small Business Management and Project Management in college
  • I’ve worked for best-selling authors, celebrities and multi-millionaires
  • I have an extensive background in video and media production
  • I’ve managed million-dollar budgets for tech and SaaS companies and have led marketing departments in start-ups
  • I’m a grown-up and I don’t “f-around”

The Backstory:

Up and down and back again…
There are so many amazing bits and pieces of my entrepreneurial journey that I want to share with you!

But for the sake of brevity, I’ll share the relevant parts that will give you insight into how I came by my experience, and why it should matter to you.

Let’s start in my mid-20s…
I was working for a best-selling spiritual author as her executive assistant. (There was no such thing as “virtual” assistants back then.) I was organizing events for her and Grammy-award winning musicians, setting up calls and travel schedules with other well-known “spiritual and relationship gurus” of the time, and managing her schedule.

It was an amazing job but also came with a price… a deep level of stress that exacerbated my lifelong anxiety.

After a full year, I couldn’t take in longer. I found myself in my mid-20s having a nervous breakdown.
I couldn’t leave my house. I could barely get to the grocery store (and there was no such thing as Amazon Prime).

But I still needed to support myself, I purchased one of the first Apple all-in-one computers (pre-iMac) and Quickbooks and started a bookkeeping service.

And just like – I became an entrepreneur. And I loved it!

The more systems and strategies I put in place to manage my anxiety and my business, the better I felt.
As I helped more and more clients get their bookkeeping and business systems in line, the better I felt.

I began to realize that all through my life, creating little systems and strategies had always helped me manage my anxiety.

Eventually, I joined an early ecommerce tech startup as Director of Production.
And after a couple of years, I realized that my website development and marketing expertise was needed by more people than I could reach at the startup, so once again, I ventured into entrepreneurship and built a 6-figure web and marketing consultancy.

As time passed, I was asked to join a few multi-million dollar tech companies and learned even more about online marketing and business management.

Now, more than 18 years since my first entrepreneurial business, through several successful and not-so-successful adventures, working with client to help them create systems and strategies that help their businesses grow is still the thing I love most!