You started your service-based business with a passion to help others and to spend more time doing the work you love.

And now you're on the verge of big growth but are overwhelmed by all the systems and strategies you need to create and implement to achieve this long-term, scalable success.

{I feel your pain!}

I get that you're feeling stuck because you are soooo ready for the growth you know that you can handle… But your business needs to be able to handle the growth too.

Before you throw in the towel or resign yourself to mediocre success, consider this…

Building that dream business that gives you the income and freedom you want can be simpler and less stressful than you think…

Integrator & Project Management Services
+ Business Systems Coaching

Integrator & Project Management Services for Established Entrepreneurs that need behind-the-scenes support with their projects and teams so they can focus their attention on forward momentum and growth.


Strategic Business Coaching & Simple Systems Training for new and mid-stage entrepreneurs that need to get their business off the ground or take it to the next level of growth.


I'm Wendy Breakstone… Have we met?

People often call me the “Hermione Granger of Business Systems.” (You know… that smart little wizard in Harry Potter that had a spell for everything?)

I'm actually a seasoned Business & Systems Mentor who guides entrepreneurs through setting-up, running and building their service-based business for success. I'm a veteran entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience running my own 6-figure businesses and working for best-selling authors, consulting for celebrity-entrepreneurs, and supporting tech giants.

Today, whether I'm guiding new entrepreneurs by-the-hand through building simple systems and strategies into their business, or mentoring OBMs and VAs on enhancing their own expertise and business offerings, I use my own powers to help clients discover a bit of “practical magic” in themselves so that they can make more money, save more time, and best of all, feel magically confident building their success.


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